Objectif Terre  | Au Nom de la Déesse-Mère

Objectif Terre | Au Nom de la Déesse-Mère

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Kids born today may never drive a car, robotics expert says

Publié par Olivier D sur 8 Mai 2017, 13:09pm

"(...)  a recent study by Navigant Research actually put it in the lead, declaring Ford's autonomous vehicle program the industry's most advanced. The maker last year declared it will have its first fully driverless vehicle in production in 2021 — and it will target sharing services and delivery fleets, rather than individual buyers.

Daimler AG is targeting the same date for its first driverless vehicles and it has formed a partnership with Uber that could give those new models a ready market.

General Motors is considered another leader in autonomous research. It recently launched the world's first mainstream, long-range EV, the Chevrolet Bolt. And it has tied up with Lyft while this week announcing it is expanding its own car-sharing service, Maven.

Other traditional automakers hoping to ride the tsunami of change including Nissan, the world's largest seller of electric vehicles; plus Volkswagen and Toyota.

Whether they will be able to fend off the new entrants, such as Waymo, Apple, and Samsung, is far from certain — though at least some of these tech firms expect to partner with existing manufacturers rather than build cars themselves.  (...)"


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