Objectif Terre  | Au Nom de la Déesse-Mère

Objectif Terre | Au Nom de la Déesse-Mère

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Leading the charge: Battery storage to jump-start clean energy transition

Publié par Olivier D sur 20 Mai 2017, 08:23am

Storage technology is the vital missing element in the struggle to enable the transition to clean energy, allowing grids to accommodate ever-growing volumes of intermittent generation and transforming the economics of renewable energy systems.
In mid-March, BYD said it would bid on one of Australia's largest grid-scale battery storage projects, in South Australia, being hastily installed after blackouts crippled the state last summer.
“The electricity supply chain is the longest supply chain in the world with almost no ability to store the product,” says Matt Roberts, Executive Director of the Washington, DC-based Energy Storage Association (ESA). “That means we have scaled everything to meet the absolute peak of demand — it’s an incredibly costly and inefficient way to build a network.” (...)


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