Objectif Terre  | Au Nom de la Déesse-Mère

Objectif Terre | Au Nom de la Déesse-Mère

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Tesla Will Disrupt Not Just The Automotive Industry, But Transportation In General

Publié par Olivier D sur 3 Mai 2017, 11:17am

No, TSLA’s meteoric rise isn’t a hallucination or a case of mass insanity. After all, market disruption isn’t exactly a new thing. “We saw it with Cornelius Vanderbilt and the railroads,” says Jonas. “We saw it with Thomas Edison and the electric utility grid. There were times when people thought men like these were crazy. Henry Ford’s bankers were pretty furious at the risk he was taking with the moving assembly line. But they did it. And once in a while, these things pay off. Elon Musk is in that genre of capitalist/scientist/storyteller.”


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